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Meet “No-Show Joe”

What would happen if you skipped a third of work meetings? Seems like Senator Joe Donnelly skipped nearly a third of Senate Aging Committee hearings and missed key hearings on Medicare and improving Income Security for seniors. It’s time for Joe to hit the road.  Vote No on “No-Show Joe.”

Indiana Democratic Sen. Joe Donnelly has often criticized his GOP opponent for importing products he sells from China. But it seems a Donnelly family-owned business does the same thing.

Stewart Superior Corp., which he also owned stock in, has received repeated shipments of goods from China throughout much of this decade, according to records reviewed by The Associated Press. (Fox News, 10/12/2018)

Sen. Joe Donnelly, D-Ind., is treading water in Morning Consult’s “2018 Midterm Wave Watcher.”

The polling firm reported Wednesday that Donnelly’s approval rating has dipped a bit this year, as have the ratings for most incumbent senators in 10 states thought to be competitive in advance of the November general election.

Donnelly began the year approved by 43 percent of registered voters in Indiana and disapproved by 30 percent. In May, 41 percent approved of him and 34 percent disapproved. (Journal Gazette, 6/7/2018)

Sen. Joe Donnelly opposed legislation that lowered taxes for 80% of American households and doubled the child tax credit. (H.R. 1, CQ Vote #323: Motion agreed to 51-48: R 51-0; D 0-46; I 0-2, 12/20/17)

“Most Americans will save money under the tax bill that the Senate passed Tuesday night and the House passed Wednesday. The size of that benefit varies, but 80 percent of households will see some benefit in 2018.” (David A. Graham, “Why Don’t Most Americans Realize They’re Getting Tax Cuts for Christmas?” The Atlantic, 12/20/17)